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If you really “Are what you eat” then I am a better person because of Katie DiLauro!  I had gained a few pounds each year over the course of 12 years, one day and I woke up 30 pounds overweight.  It was time to make a change!

After trying a few fad diets and trendy workout programs I became discouraged and a friend of mine referred me to Katie.  She was, and quite possibly is literally, a life saver!  Here are a few of the things that I have learned from Katie in the last 4 months that have helped me to loose 30 pounds.

  • My weight is nothing, and my health is everything.
  • Good nutrition is not about restriction, it is about permission to take good care of myself.
  • It is simple to be healthy, not always easy, but always simple.
  • An “All or Nothing” approach fails in the real world.  “Doing All that I can” works and wins!

Men!  So many of us are overweight, and we are even more uncomfortable admitting to that than we are when trying to button pants that are a size too small!  Overcoming our pride and working with a professional can lead to a much greater self confidence.

For me, it comes from seeing the way that my wife looks at me now that I look the way that I did when we were married 12 years ago.  And while it is not about looks, It feels great to know that I am truly improving my life with the way that I am eating now.

Call Katie! You are worth it!   -JP

“Katie helps me understand about the foods I eat.  Also, she helps me want to have proper nutrition.  I learn more every week.  She is a great coach and very encouraging.  I know this is a life commitment change.    -Jim

“Katie was knowledgeable as can be. She not only directly answered all my many questions, but added further answers by understanding that I may not know what to ask, but using my previous questions to know what I really wanted to know.”    -Theo

“From my first meeting with Katie she has been very encouraging of my efforts to improve my health. When I’ve slipped up with some food choices she has never condemned but simply suggested alternatives that would/could have met my taste cravings with less sugar, salt, fat, and/or carbs.

She has done additional research on my behalf and together we have explored recipe ideas, eating schedules, and places where I can get custom-prepared meals that will meet my needs as a diabetic.

I recommend her services highly for anyone who needs a jumpstart toward making better food choices and help understanding why one choice may be better than another choice.”    -Doreen

“Katie was a great resource in helping me identify some root causes to digestive and energy problems.  We worked on solutions that really worked with my work lifestyle.  Katie is a great counselor and I highly recommend her to other woman who identify some dietary concerns. – Nancy 

“Katie Di Lauro, whether dealing with weight issues, supplements, food intake or whatever else that so many of us sabotage ourselves with. Katie approached my personal issues with openness while remaining a true professional. I felt listened to – always in a positive manner, her kindness showed itself in concern for my wellbeing. I am encouraged to continue my drive to eat healthier and consider how my lifestyle affects my overall health. She is like a ‘beacon in the night’.  Thank you Katie!  – June 

“As a male in my 50’s, I considered myself to be fit physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.  Katie time to explain, in a very understandable way, that my dietary/nutritional approach to healthy living, wasn’t all that I expected it to be.  I was shown how my approach wasn’t the best that it could be.  Using proven data, Katie was able to show me how to better approach my nutritional goals, which equates to a better and healthier me.  Thank you Katie! – Eric 

What will your success story be?

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